Does your horse need a pasture buddy? Companion horses can be a great way to provide needed socialization for your horse.

Companion horses also make wonderful pets.  Just because a horse can no longer be ridden does not mean they do not enjoy human company or learning something new.  All horses have been cleared medically and are up to date on vaccinations, dewormed and up to date on hoof care . they can pick up all 4 feet, easy to catch, halter and lead, lunge and load in a trailer. Read each horse' bio for more information!


CATEGORY: Companion/Lead line

AGE: 28


HEIGHT: 15.3

BREED: Quarter Horse

Bio: Tess is a gentle girl who came to us as an owner surrender and due to a club foot is not cleared for riding. She may be an older girl but that doesn't slow her down any. She is looking for the right family to come along and scoop her up and give her a forever home. She can be caught (it helps to have a little something to bribe her with), haltered, lead and loaded in a trailer. She stands tied and is good for the vet and farrier. She loves to be brushed on and made "pretty" and just needs someone to call her human. Won't you consider giving this sweet girl a spot in your heart?!

HANDLER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate/Beginner

Adoption Fee: $600.00


CATEGORY: Companion

AGE: 24

GENDER: Gelding


BREED: Quarter Horse

Bio: Luey came to us on a case out of Eastern Colorado. He arrived to the shelter completely emaciated, looking more like a skeleton and barley able to walk. Even in his condition he still trusted us and knew we were there to help him. From day 1 he won the hearts of every ingle volunteer at the rescue. He is a gentle soul with a story to tell. Due to a completely rotated hoof, likely from an injury that no one cared to have looked at by a vet and poor healing, he is not able to be ridden. This does not take away from the giant love bug that he is though. He also LOVES kids and will always lower his head so that they can give him scratches and rubs! He is easy to catch, halter, lead and load in a trailer. He stands good for the vet and farrier. He just has a limitation as to how much he can handle at one time on his bad hoof. He loves to be groomed and brushed and will do anything for a treat! He gets along well with other horses and does not seem to be an alpha and knows his place in the hierarchy. So are you willing to give this sweet boy a loving home????


Adoption Fee: $500.00